What We Do


We research local venues so you know what to expect before attending. This helps to ensure you have the best possible time whether you're visiting a museum or traveling to a business conference. 


We publish local area guides to help visitors and local residents get the most out of their city. We rank some of the top destinations and venues for each city to make it easier for folks find fun whether they live nearby or are just visiting.



We also help you find parking nearby popular destination locations. It can be difficult to find decent deals on parking, especially nearby sports stadiums, universities or trendy restaurants. Check out our parking guides to help you plan your travels ahead. 

About Us

SeatNerds reviews local area concert venues to help you find fun stuff to do. We aggregate user feedback about the venues, unearthing traveler experiences that will help ensure you have the best possible time wherever you choose to visit. We also link to where you can buy tickets or book travel accommodations. This means you'll unleash the full fun potential of all of your travel visits . SeatNerds imbues both travelers and savvy locals with extra wisdom to help them decide the best places to visit, whether you're in the mood for a rock concert or an educational experience at a historical landmark.