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Coyote Joe’s, which is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, opened doors for the first time in 1991. Since then it has become a favorite place for those looking for quality music, and it hosts concerts for all major country singers. Coyote Joe’s has a state-of-the-art lighting system, a powerful sound system to provide the best possible live music experience, and the largest dance floor in the area. It also has a house band called Out of the Blue.

Coyote Joe’s is open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday to everybody over 18. To become a member of this private club, you have to pay annual membership. To apply, you simply have to visit the front desk. The venue doesn’t offer food service, but there are plenty of restaurants and hotels nearby.


4621 Wilkinson Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28208 


Phone number (704) 399-4946
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  • A live music fan mentions that he has visited the Coyote Joe’s a couple of times and that the experience is unbelievable. He likes that the venue employs not-so-popular singers from time to time and he can talk to them and get to know them. The reviewer also remarks that Coyote Joe’s is very crowded when a famous singer performs on stage, and it can get very hot inside.
  • Another fan, who parked nearby the music hall, observes that the venue has several bars, which offer cheap, but tasty beer. However, he warns that the bar doesn’t accept credit cards and you have to carry cash. You can also use the venue’s ATM, but he states that there is $2 The reviewer also observes that Wednesday is Ladies’ night and ladies don’t have to pay a fee. He also notes that there are free line dance lessons at 7 pm on Wednesday.
  • A rock and roll fan, who booked a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina for a New Year’s party, observes that Coyote Joe’s turned out to be better than he initially expected. The venue has solid bands, and the music is a mix of country, rock, classic rock and other genres. The customer notes that there was a long queue at the bars, but he and his friends got their drinks very quickly. He was always impressed by the size of the dance floor and concludes that Coyote Joe’s is an excellent choice if you want to listen to country music.
  • A resident of Charlotte, North Carolina observes that Coyote Joe’s has a welcoming vibe and great energy. He notes that the venue is huge and it has real line dancing and fantastic live music. The ticket buyer highly recommends Coyote Joe’s for people who are staying in hotels near the venue and want to spend an unforgettable night.
  • Another country music fan shares that the cover cost is reasonable and that the cover bands are awesome. The ticket purchaser also says that there are pool tables and several bathrooms so you won’t be waiting long for your turn. She notes that the staff is friendly and polite and that the place is spacious, so it’s perfect for large concerts and events. However, the reviewer warns that it gets too hot sometimes.
  • A line-dancing enthusiast states that the venue employs some fantastic country stars worth seeing. She adds that the crowd is diverse, and you can meet a lot of new friends. The ticket buyer concludes that Coyote Joe’s is your place if you want to drink cheap beer and listen to awesome songs.