Guest Posting Policies & How To Write For Us

Guest Posting Policy

We do accept guest posts on (Email us at or use the contact form below for more information.

Specifically, we look for contributing writer submissions on the following topics: travel, entertainment, music, luxury living, international vacationing, concerts, any sort of fun event activity occurring in the U.S.A.

Before you submit, try to peruse the site to get a sense of what we do here. It’s important that your contribution takes into consideration our style of blogging.

We do receive a lot of submissions- so we really pay attention to high-quality guest author submissions that prioritize focusing on topics that interest our website visitors.

This means that, to our minds, it makes sense to read at least 5 articles before you submit your content.

Contributing Writer Contact

    About Us

    SeatNerds specializes in researching local area venues in the United States, providing the upcoming schedule of events, and compiling user reviews of the concert halls and event spaces.

    This helps music and sports fans make the best decision about attending and purchasing tickets to the venue.

    We also try to source cheap flights to the destination, including hotel accommodations. This helps people plan a full itinerary.

    So, for example, if someone wanted to see the Smashing Pumpkins playing at the Pour House, they could buy the ticket on our site, research the venue ahead of time to figure out their attendee policies, book a flight, secure a hotel room, and even figure out a paid parking solution so that their travel experience is seamless.

    As you can see, we really look for content that focuses on helping people enjoy themselves as they travel around the U.S. There are so many of these small venues that get little attention online- so if you were to write about a local music call in North Carolina, that would be an interesting piece of content we would consider publishing!

    Guest Blogging Policies

    • Guest authors should submit high-quality, 1,000+ word blog posts.
    • Guest posts should educate and empower readers. Posts must have a pertinent message for the target audience.
    • Guest posts have to be unique content and also have not been posted elsewhere.
    • Guest posts aren’t a forum to promote books, videos, products, events, services, or businesses.

    Feel free to contact us prior to submitting so that we coordinate the publication of the content.

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