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City Limits Saloon is an event venue in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s primarily a country nightclub with a dancefloor for line dancing and a bar. However, the place also hosts events, and it’s available for social and corporate parties.

City Limits Saloon is open only on Fridays and Saturdays or when they are hosting a special event.You can visit the venue’s website to find more about incoming performance and bands or follow it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you want to book the place or you have some management inquiries, you can contact City Limits Saloon by email.


901 Tryon Hill Dr
Raleigh, NC 27603


Phone number ​(919) 829-3939
Venue website

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  • A county music fan mentions that City Limits Saloon is a nice place with friendly atmosphere. The reviewer attended the Craig Cambellshow, and he was delighted by the experience. He says that the venue was pretty full, but the bartenders were working fast, and he got his order quickly. The drinks were also reasonably priced and tasty. The ticket buyer also observes that the dance floor is small in comparison with other clubs, but it’s big enough if you want to dance and have fun.
  • Another resident of Raleigh, North Carolina shares that City Limits Saloon is an excellent place if you’re looking for some fun on a Friday night. It has an awesome line dancing crowd, and it hosts excellent national acts. His only complaint is that they play too much top 40 and not enough country
  • A live music fan, who was staying in a hotel nearby, states that City Limits Saloon is very well-organized and friendly place. The reviewer managed to reserve the front row for his friend with special needs when he contacted the venue by email, and he was very pleasedwith their attitude. He also notes that the place usually offers bull riding, but not on nights when they have performers and shows.
  • Another visitor, who was flying to Raleigh, North Carolina on a business trip, says that the place is well-laid and there’s plenty of room to roam if you want. The reviewer also notes that the crowd is young and that you can visit the club even if you’re under 21. He observes that the performing bands were solid, but the acoustics could be better. The customer concludes that City Limits Saloon looks like a nice place to spend the evening.
  • A country fan, who parked near the club, comments that the stage is big and that you have a nice view of it, regardless of where you’re standing. She adds that the place was full and that the crowd was more interested in line dancing than hearing the performance of the band. The reviewer was disappointed because she couldn’t hear the music well.
  • Another ticket purchaser shares that it gets too hot on the inside when the venue is packed, but there is an outdoor patio where you can go out to chill. The reviewer adds that the mechanical bull is a nice touch and that City Limits Saloon is an excellent place for dancing. However, he warns that something they play too much hip-hop.
  • A reviewer says that tickets are reasonably priced and that the venue hosts quality country artists. She also observes that the place is a two-level bar with a corn hole on the second floor and that you can have a lot of fun there. She adds that the staff is friendly, attentive and strict. The ticket purchaser concludes that it’s one of the best places in Raleigh, North Carolina for line dancing or square dancing and that you can meet interesting people.