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Established in 1997, the PourHouse Music Hall in Raleigh, North Carolina is a live music venue which hosts one of the best local and national touring bands. It offers not only fascinating shows and intimate atmosphere but also one of the best selection of beers in North Carolina.

The shows are available for anyone over 21 unless otherwise specified on the venue’s webpage. If you are underage, you can visit Pour House accompanied by your legal guardian. You’ll also have to pay a $5 surcharge.

Pour House Music Hall operates on first come first served principle because it has limited seating available. It also has a balcony with a seating area. 


224 S BlountSt
Raleigh, NC 27601


Phone number (919) 821-1120
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What Are PourHouse Visitors Saying?

  • A live-music fan observes that the Pour House doesn’t look posh on the inside, but it offers great shows and friendly, intimate atmosphere. The reviewer shares that the venue hosts known and unknown bands and that it has delicious drinks and cocktails. She also mentions that if you’re feeling too crowded downstairs, you can go to the balcony to watch the shows or play some pool.
  • Another resident of Raleigh, North Carolina mentions that Pour House is a small venue so you can really appreciate the music and the bands. She adds that the bouncers and the bartenders are friendly and attentive. The ticket buyer states that if you’re looking for great music and nothing more, you won’t be disappointed.
  • A visitor comments that Pour House has a simple layout and it looks like a basement bar at first glance. But it has an outstanding sound system, and the stage is big enough for a few performers. However, he warns that the there are only a few seats and if you come late, you’ll have to remain standing.
  • Another reviewer, who was flying to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet some friends, shares that Pour House surprised him with his selection of bands and drinks and the urban atmosphere. The ticket purchaser also mentions that the bartenders work quickly and you don’t have to wait too long for your order. He warns that parking might be an issue because the venue doesn’t have a parking lot. But Moore Street Station Parking garage is within walking distance.
  • A regular visitor of Pour House says that the cover fee is reasonable and that you have a lot of great shows to choose from every week. Moreover, it offers locally brewed beers on the tap, which are inexpensive and tasty. The reviewer also adds that the balcony has an excellent view of the stage. He notes that sometimes the music is too loud and you might want to bring earplugs with you.
  • A reviewer states that the Pour House is the best venue for live music in Raleigh, North Carolina and that you won’t be disappointed by the performers and the beer. He adds that the sound is perfect for such a small venue and that the DJs are awesome. However, he warns that the place can get hot when it’s crowded.
  • Another music fan, who was staying in a hotel near the venue, says that he was surprised how much he liked Pour House. The ticket buyer observes that there was plenty of space on the inside, the crowd was amazing, and the stage was well-lit. He also mentions that the drinks could be pricey. He recommends it for anyone interesting in live music events or local acts.
  • However, some customers have complained that the bartenders were rude to them and that the service was not what they expected. Some also warn that the bartenders might overcharge you. 
  • Recent performers include: Tweed, New Madrid, Sunny Ledfurd, Branan Murphy, Sam Shirley, Hot Buttered Rum, Elisium and Sleep Signals, The Dustbowl Revival, The Axe (Raleigh), The Fritz (US) and Bella’s Bartok, Sun-Dried Vibes and Resinated, Southern Belles, The Kneads and North Elementary, Call Me Karizma, Travis Larson Band, The Producers, Hustle Souls, The Rad Trads and Steve Hartsoe, Kyle Hollingsworth, Particle and Lespecial, Bruiser Queen and Fea, Psylo Joe, Sammy Johnson, Tony MacAlpine, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Secretary Pool, Sound & Shape, & Treehouse and Sol Seed.