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Halton Arena is an entertainment venue located inside Barnhardt Student Activity Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s the home arena to Charlotte 49ers basketball games (both men and women) and women’s volleyball.

In addition to this, Halton Arena hosts live concerts, student productions, and community festivals, including Charlotte’s annual International Festival. The capacity of the venue is 9,000 people. The venue has concession stands provided by Chartwells, and you can buy burgers, pizzas, and hot dogs if you want a snack during the show.

There is also an ATM in the Main Concourse and elevators on the east end. All main bathrooms have a baby changing stations, and water fountains are available in the four corners of the arena. 


9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223


Phone number ​(704) 687-8622
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  • A resident of Charlotte, North Carolina observes that Halton Arena is not your usual basketball or entertainment venue. She attended the 49ers graduation ceremony and was very impressed by what she saw. The reviewer adds that the place was huge and that she could see everything clearly from her seat. She highly recommends it if you’re looking for a great time and a nice view.
  • A volleyball fan, who regularly flies to Charlotte, North Carolina took the chance to visit Hilton Arena and was very pleased with his experience. He states that it’s a nice place if you want to watch a basketball or a volleyball game and that the seats are comfortable. However, the ticket purchaser notes that the building is situated in the middle of the campus and you might have difficulties finding the way to the front door. Parking also might not be easy on a busy night. The reviewer also regrets that the venue doesn’t host hockey games.
  • Another basketball enthusiast, who was staying in a hotel nearby the campus, mentions that he was surprised by the size of the arena and the friendly atmosphere. He notes that the cheerleaders were very good and there more professional sponsors than he expected. The ticket purchaser also remarks that Hilton Arena has many entrances to get to and from the concession stands and the bathrooms and that you don’t have to wait a lot.
  • One fan, who visited his family Charlotte, North Carolina for the holidays, says that the food is not very expensive for a sporting event and that there are vending machines where you can get sodas and snacks. The reviewer also notes that parking is easy around the campus and that he didn’t have troubles finding a free parking space. He also observes that the arena is built very well and you’ll have a great view from any seat.
  • A music enthusiast, who regularly visits Halton Arena to attend jazz shows, states that the seats might get a little uncomfortable after a couple of hours, but it’s not a problem. She mentions that the arena has nice facilities and that the staff working the ticket office is polite and attentive. The customer also says that the venue has excellent acoustics.
  • Another visitor notes that the atmosphere in Halton Arena is full of energy and the excited crowd makes the experience unforgettable. He observes that the venue is well-designed and can handle big crowds with no problems. The ticket buyer also says that the concession stands offer a good selection of food and that the bathrooms are enormous.  
  • A sports fan also comments that the venue has wide lanes so you can enter or exit the premises easily and you don’t have to push your way through. He highly recommends it if you’re a basketball fan and you want to watch quality