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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jerry Richardson Stadium is a horseshoe-shaped college football stadium, which can host up to 15,314 people. It’s the home stadium of Charlotte 49ers football team, which is a Football Bowl Subdivision member since 2015. 

The construction of Jerry Richardson Stadium was finished in October 2012, and it hosted its firsts major event the following year on August 23. Since it has become a popular football venue, and it offers personal seat license for premium seating at the games. Part of the Football Complex are also two practice fields, Judy W. Rose Football Center, and McColl-Richardson Field. Since Jerry Richardson Stadium is located at the University of North Carolina Campus, parking is limited on game nights. 


9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223


Phone number 704-687-1100
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  • A football fan shares that Jerry Richardson Stadium is well-organized and it looks magnificent. He adds that the stadium is not that big, but you’ll get a fascinating close-up The ticket purchaser also remarks that you have plenty of food options both outside and inside the stadium. He says that he would gladly visit another game there.
  • Another game fan, who parked nearby the UNC Campus, mentions that he was very pleased with his seat and that he had a great view of the football game. The reviewer notes that there are no bad seats and you’ll be able to enjoy the game no matter where you sit. He also observes that parking is not that difficult and that the atmosphere on the Jerry Richardson Stadium is great when it’s full.
  • A resident of Charlotte, Nort Carolina states that he has attended almost all games during the last four seasons and that Jerry Richardson Stadium has friendly staff, amazing view, and comfortable seats. He highly recommends it to every Niners fan who wants a great experience.
  • Another football enthusiast, who was staying in a hotel near the stadium, was impressed by the stadium scoreboard with its huge 49ers logo on top. He remarks that you can walk comfortably around the stadium and that the bathrooms are very big. You don’t have to wait on long ques during the halftime. The reviewer also notes that you can bring an empty water bottle and use the stadium’s hydrating system to fill it up for free.
  • A ticket buyer, who booked a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina for a business trip, had an excellent experience on the Jerry Richardson Stadium. He shares that the food and drinks are moderately priced, and the staff is very friendly and polite. The reviewer highly recommends for a visit if you’re passing through Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • A ticket purchaser observes that you can buy Papa John’s pizza and Bojangles and that you don’t have to wait very long to get your food. He also says that the surrounding campus is beautiful, but parking might be difficult on a game night.
  • Another football fan shares that Jerry Richardson Stadium is his favorite place and that it has a great layout. However, he admits that the benches are a little uncomfortable and that the home sector gets cold during the autumn season.
  • A ticket purchaser mentions that the stadium is well-built and that it provides students and visitors with a unique gaming experience. He shares that the concession stands offer delicious food, but you can also find many shops, diners, and malls around the campus. The visitor also observes that Charlotte International Airport is 20 minutes away by car, so it’s very convenient if you’re a fan flying from another city. The reviewer found parking to be easy.