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The Cone Denim Entertainment Center (CDEC) carries a lengthy history in down-town Greensboro. Initially referred to as Imperial Theater, this venue was constructed in the early 1900s and it was built to be a film house. It was eventually relabeled to the Center Theatre where motion pictures like West Side Story, Lawrence of Arabia,  and My Fair Lady were highlighted. It later underwent refurbishments and was converted to a club venue. In 2014, a significant renovation took place and the venue was converted to a concert and event venue harking back to its original design. This indoor music venue opened up in the fall of 2014 to four sold-out shows of the popular comedian Dave Chappelle. Filled with theater seating and versatile configurations, this venue is ideal for your dance, seated, and general admission shows. CDEC is marketed as the ideal spot to celebrate any any event including: Meetings, Awards Ceremonies, TV Shows, Graduations, Benefits, Fundraisers, Concerts, Birthday Parties, and Fashion Shows.

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117 South Elm Street
GreensboroNorth Carolina 27401


Phone number ‚Äč(336) 378-9646
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What Are Cone Denim Entertainment Center Customers Saying?

  • We took a look at some user reviews of the Greensboro North Carolina Cone Denim Entertainment Center located on Elm Street and here is what we discovered. One concert-goer who bought tickets for a country music festival commended the quality of the venue for musical performances but criticized the number of available restrooms. He also said that alcohol prices were somewhat expensive, but not outrageous.
  • Another ticket buyer said that the acoustics were decent, the bar was somewhat overpriced, but the venue was relatively small making for a tightly packed concert experience. 
  • Another reviewer who attended a rock 'n' roll concert told us that the venue was remodeled prior to 2016 and now incorporates balcony seating on a second level as well as a lounge area where you can order drinks to be delivered to your seat. In addition, if you're driving up there, you can find parking on the street or add an adjacent parking deck.
  • A classical music fan said that security was not over aggressive and sound quality was solid- not too loud, but clear enough.
  • Another reviewer who attended a music performance at this North Carolina venue told us that it was a little bit smaller than they had anticipated, that it was standing room only with an option for table rental for $10. 
  • Echoing a previous concern a metalhead says the single-stall restroom options underserved the concertgoers and he also recommends that you do your drinking prior to the show because the costs of alcohol were expensive.
  • A North Carolina native commented that the experience was opposite large stadium shows- this venue specializes in shorter lines, a more intimate concert environment, and better quality sound. In addition, it has a rich cultural backstory with a history of famous musical performers-another underrated advantage to visiting the Cone Denim Entertainment Center if you're looking for things to do in Greensboro. 
  • A savvy concertgoer says that if you peruse LivingSocial and Groupon you can find concert tickets that are reasonably priced-especially for rock 'n' roll cover bands. In terms of seating, as others have described, there is a small standing room area on the first level as well as balcony seating with seating also available at the bar.
  •  As of 2016, one reviewer says that the bar was not serving food so it's recommended to eat at one of the local area restaurants prior to attending your concert. Overall if you're looking for something fun to do while you're in Greensboro North Carolina make sure you check out the Cone Denim Entertainment Center for upcoming show tickets.