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The Dana Auditorium is part of Guilford College. Guilford College a liberal arts school situated on a 349 acre Woodland campus in Greensboro, North Carolina. It's a great venue for classical music and speaker series. 

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Dana Auditorium, 710 Levi Coffin Dr, Greensboro, NC 27410


Phone number ‚Äč(336) 316-2000
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What Are Dana Auditorium Ticket Buyers Saying?

  • The Dana Auditorium at Guilford College doesn't have a lot of ticket buyer feedback. One concertgoer told us that it is a pretty ancient auditorium that is not equipped with modern seating, does not provide easy wheelchair access, and has mediocre acoustic effects.
  • On the other hand, having gone to their Eastern Music Festival, this classical music fan was impressed by the quality of performers this small venue was able to attract. In addition, if you keep your eye out for their Bryan series, it also is an intellectually stimulating option if you're looking for higher brow entertainment in the Greensboro North Carolina area.
  • One local area resident who bought tickets to a front seat told us the audience tends to be on the older side of things, though very enthusiastic about the presentations. If you're looking to hear the Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra play, the Dana Auditorium is where you'll find them. In addition to the Youth Orchestra, there is also the Youth Philharmonic and the Youth Camerata. 
  • Researching Guilford College, we found out that it is one of the premier educational institutions in the North Carolina area-also one of the oldest. It is pretty small with an annual enrollment class size of about 2,600 students with course content that includes environmental studies, art, accounting, English, music, information technology as well as more specialized programs in things like sports management and physics.