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If you're looking for parking nearby Rutgers university, ParkWhiz provides some decent deals nearby the college:

Parking Near 261 University Ave Newark NJ Find Parking

Just remember- there are several Rutgers locations, including Rutgers University– New Brunswick, Rutgers University– Newark, and Rutgers University– Camden. ParkWhiz can help you find parking nearby those locations- just click the Reserve Parking button to get started. You can also catch Scarlet Knights games and find reasonable rates near the stadium. You can always take the risk and see if you can find free, street parking, or just go for a garage to be safe. 

About Rutgers

Rutgers University, which is officially called the The State University of New Jersey, is a New Jersey-based college. It has several campuses across the State of New Jersey: including its primary flagship campus in New Brunswick and Piscataway, and a couple other campuses inside the metropolitan areas of Newark and Camden.

According to their website, Rutgers is a top nationwide research university and New Jersey’s largest public institution of higher learning. Currently, it has over 69,000 students and 22,500 full- and part-time faculty and staff.


Conklin Hall, 175 University Ave, Newark, NJ 07103


Phone number: (973) 353-1766

Finding A Parking Deal

If you are planning a family trip or merely a day excursion to Rutgers, there are lots of costs to bear in mind. Aside from the larger and more obvious charges like staying in a hotel, attending local concerts, dining out, plane tickets, etc. there’s also quite a few smaller expenses to think about.

If you’re driving, you’ll want to figure out a way to park your car on the cheap in a quality parking lot that keeps your automobile safe.

Here are some general tips for getting a good deal:

Read the Fine Print

It is very important look for hidden fees before booking a parking lot. Quite often parking lots will insert some ‘gotcha’ charges which can really add up to a lot of money. Prior to deciding to book parking, whether it is for an airline or airport parking, make sure that you examine the fine print.

This can save you time, money, and aggravation- no one wants to get handed a bill with a huge, unexpected markup because you overstayed your reservation by 10 minutes!

Make Sure You Reserve In Advance

Quite a few parking lots provide discounts for advanced booking and reservations- just be sure to examine the terms prior to paying for advance reservations. If you’re in the position to plan your trip’s parking in advance- you’ll find that you can save a lot of money by shrewdly reserving your parking spot a couple weeks out!

To determine if your airport or university parking company provides any discounts, take a look at their website. Occasionally you’ll find the information under promotions, or perhaps on their online booking page. Furthermore, you could just ring up the company and ask them what deals they have.