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If you're looking for fun events in the Asheville, North Carolina area you might want to check out the Orange Peel. It's marketed as a 'social aid and pleasure club' located in the southeast of North Carolina. Their website claims that they specialize in high-end lighting and sound equipment, a gorgeous club interior, both of which create fun and memorable musical experiences for Asheville, North Carolina residents.

Located on the corner of Hilliard and Biltmore Avenue, they take pride in featuring little-known artists, however, they have put on concerts by Modest Mouse, Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, Jack White, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, Neon Trees, Macklemore and the Flaming Lips. Besides concerts, the Orange Peel also functions as a private reception area for weddings, birthday parties, corporate benefits, memorial services and parties.


101 Biltmore Ave
Asheville, NC 28801


Phone number (828) 398-1837
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  • Examining user reviews, one rock 'n' roll fan was impressed by how good the music was, but also pleased by the quality of staff service.
  • Another visitor who flew in and booked a hotel nearby came to see a tribute band but did complain about the quality of the sound. 
  • A Charlotte, North Carolina techno fan describes it as an excellent event venue if you're looking for fun things to do in Asheville. 
  • Contrary to other venues we've examined, people say the food is reasonably priced-one reviewer says that pizza will cost you under five dollars a slice, which isn't that bad in the world of exorbitant venue food pricing. 
  • Other out-of-town reviewers say that the bar area can get packed, though there is a solid selection of beer on tap.
  • A South Carolina resident drove in for a country music concert- he echoed the sentiment that pricing is absurdly reasonable. Regarding the layout, you'll find wine and beer upstairs and an intimate liquor bar located downstairs. 
  • An elderly couple who caught a folk show said they felt comfortable even though the venue does cater to a younger audience. Another local area resident applauds the spaciousness of its open dance floor, the local beer brews, and the concert hall's ability to put on local artists as well as nationally recognized music celebrities.
  • Indeed, the venue seems to provide a small enough space that jazz fans feel collaborative with the performing audience but large enough that there's room to breathe.
  • Another reviewer who's been there multiple times says that you should always bring earplugs to protect your hearing and that the best acoustics are located near the back of the soundboard. 
  • Besides the downstairs liquor area, there is some outdoor seating where you can smoke and a huge fan that helps circulate air. 
  • A local guide tells us that the Orange Peel packs in a variety of interesting bands, serves up awesome ambiance and includes a thoughtful selection of artisanal craft beer.