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Cameron Indoor Stadium is situated on the North Carolina campus of Duke University. It has 9,314 seats and it's where you'll go if you're a Duke Blue Devils fan- for both the men's and women's basketball team as well as their volleyball team. Prior to 1972 it was called Duke Indoor Stadium but was rebranded to honor Eddie Cameron who was the university's basketball coach from 1928 to 1942 as well as its football coach from 1942 to 1945. Fans and students are renowned for being 'Cameron Crazies' -it's a raucous sports arena that has achieved cheering sound as high as 121.3 dB. Duke University students will camp outside the arena for months to get access to some of the premier Division I hardwood basketball games. 


115 Whitford Dr
Durham, NC 27708


Phone number (704) 358-7000
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  • Reviewers say that if you are a basketball this is one of the premier destinations in the North Carolina area, with ticket buyers flying in from all over the country and even world, especially for playoff matches.
  • Another NCAA college basketball fan tells us that it is unlike any other venue in America- if you have a sports bucket list visiting this arena should be on it. 
  • Another NCAA sports fan says that if you're looking for things to do in Durham, North Carolina that this is the holy Grail of basketball. While she says it looks smaller than it does on TV, somewhat resembling a rich man's high school gym, it is a classic sports arena that harkens back to a bygone era.
  • If you're coming from out of town, buyers say they were able to find moderately priced hotels in the area before traveling to the game against UNC, it's regional rival. If you have a chance to park and get there early, there is a Duke basketball museum as well as a front lobby that provides historical displays for educational purposes. 
  • Another reviewer says that all of the seats provide good site access to the court and that the intensity of the crowd is a 'Once In A Lifetime', immersive experience- though it is difficult to get a ticket. Indeed, having analyzed viewer feedback, getting a ticket to a Duke basketball game often comes down to whether you know a graduate student. If you don't you may have to search online or scalp a ticket in person. 
  • An out-of-town guest from Florida says that this is a family-friendly arena- which means that they don't serve alcohol. Other reviewers say that watching Coach K. Coach is an honor. Another reviewer recommends that you look on Craigslist, eBay, Live Nation and Ticketmaster to find tickets- though the more desirable game becomes the scarcer and more expensive the tickets commensurately become.
  • A longtime North Carolina resident says they were thankful that in 2002 air-conditioning was installed because prior to that stadium would get incredibly hot and somewhat uncomfortable considering the frenzy of intense crowd reaction going on.
  • Another visitor recommends that if you haven't had the chance yet to walk to the upstairs corridor you'll find out along the walls there are huge photographs in-game basketball moments as well as large display cabinets containing Duke basketball memorabilia.
  • In terms of eating options, reviewers say the food is pretty overpriced- the usual traditional fare like candy, popcorn, chicken sandwiches, pizza, and soda. 
  • Overall, ticket buyers say that if you are a fan of college basketball, basketball in general, that this is a must see arena- a truly intimate and raucous basketball experience in North Carolina with a premier historical pedigree.