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The Carolina Theatre of Durham is a non-profit arts organization that is operated by the Carolina Theatre Complex funded by contributions, ticket sales and the City of Durham's yearly management stipend. They manage to put on in excess of 60 concerts every year including daily films as well as providing local area schoolchildren with an Art's Discovery Educational Series. The Carolina Theatre has served the downtown Durham area ever since 1926. It was originally known as the Durham Auditorium before a renovation rebranded it to the Carolina Theatre. The venue specializes as a cultural keystone for North Carolina and Durham specifically-fostering a retro classic ambiance that harkens to another era.


309 W Morgan St, Durham, NC 27701


Phone number Phone number (704) 358-7000
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  • One Carolina theatergoer described it as a historic and beautiful landmark that doubles as a cinema complex and performing arts venue. He enjoyed a classical music concert that was conducted by the Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle- applauding the comfortable quality of the seating as well as the theater's acoustics.
  • A Raleigh, North Carolina resident booked a hotel in the area so she could enjoy this retro theater experience and said parking was easily accessible across the street and concession food pricing was surprisingly inexpensive.
  • Another Durham, North Carolina resident described this historic theatrical venue as elegant and classic with high-quality service, easy parking and plush seating. 
  • A filmgoer who enjoys independent cinema says that he prefers this venue, in comparison to larger movie theater chains, because it has so many independent releases. Whenever a larger celebrity artist tours the venue to perform, parking will often become more competitive and expensive, however. 
  • Another Durham, North Carolina resident says that this is the cultural keystone of the North Carolina area saying that whether you want to take in a comedy show, a musical act, or a classic horror film series, this is the performance venue for you.
  • For more popular shows you can pay three dollars to access the covered parking garage located across the street from the Carolina Theatre or try to find free street parking on Foster Street.
  • One fun aspect of this theater is that there is a customer appreciation night-this means that they will serve free popcorn if and when you buy a ticket. Another comedy fan says they are able to catch the standup acts up Aziz Ansari And David Cross. 
  • Another North Carolina resident was stunned by the beautiful architecture but simultaneously impressed by the intimate atmosphere it cultivates. 
  • A savvy Raleigh, North Carolina citizen and tells us that if you subscribe to the email list you'll be the first to know about goings-on at this venue- this is really useful if you're looking for things to do because it keeps you abreast of all of their events as they are posted.
  • A Triangle Area resident visited for a classical music concert and was impressed by the opening performance as well as the hosting attendants that were friendly and helpful.
  • An out-of-town ticket buyer flew in to catch a famous, celebrity comedian and was impressed by the real buttered popcorn, the draft, craft beer and the fact that the balcony has its own concession stand and lounge area. 
  • A Chapel Hill resident expressed gratitude towards this venue saying that it provides needed intellectual and cultural weight to his region- a great place to catch a film festival while enjoying a diverse selection of local beer. 
  • Overall, the consensus of reviewers is that this is a fun and atmospheric place to enjoy dance performances, movies and plays with convenient parking and reasonably priced concessions.