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Established in the early 19th century, the Pinhook is an old entertainment venue with a rich history. In the 1850s, the place received a spirit license, and since then it has been a popular gathering place. Nowadays, the Pinhook welcomes anyone looking for some fun, and it’s a safe place for LGBT people. The Pinhook is situated in Durham, North Carolina and it hosts live music, dance parties, and events. The stage measures 16’ x 12’ x 2.5’ with a large projection screen mounted behind the performers. And the room has been professionally acoustically treated to ensure the best sound quality. The Pinhook also has a bar so you can swing by for a drink after work. And the place has a wireless connection and an ATM. You can even bring your dog with you. 


117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC 27701


Phone number: 984-244-7243
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What Are Pinhook Visitors Saying?

  • A ticket buyer shares that she attended several shows in Pinhook and that the atmosphere is intimate and the sound quality is excellent. However, the reviewer notes that it’s very hot inside on a crowded night even if the AC is working. Nevertheless, she says that it’s your best choice if you want to enjoy live music.
  • Another Durham, North Carolina resident mentions that he loves going to Pinhook and that it offers a nice selection of drinks. The ticket purchaser states that the only thing he doesn’t like is the karaoke night. When he attended one such event, there were technical difficulties with the equipment, and there were no backup singers.
  • Yet another fan, who booked a flight to Durham for a business meeting, said that he attended a show in November and had a good first impression. The reviewer notes that the stage is small but the atmosphere is cozy and the bar serves very delicious vegan/vegetarian cocktails. He also remarks that it’s easy to find the place in Downtown Durham.
  • A ticket purchaser, who was staying in a nearby hotel, mentioned that the venue had a welcoming vibe and that the place was full on a karaoke night. She warns that you might have to wait a lot before you have the chance to go on stage.
  • A regular Pinhook visitor says that the venue offers some good music fest like Moogfest and Art of Cool and that the music is loud and clear. He adds that the place is not very crowded on a weeknight.
  • Another ticket buyer, who frequently travels to Durham, North Carolina, observes that Pinhook has culturally sensitive vibes and you can meet a lot of different people there. The reviewer was impressed by the sign warning that racism, homophobia, sexism are not tolerated. He also remarks that the sound quality is pretty good for such a small venue and that it offers some of the best dance parties.
  • A dance music enthusiast shares that the bartenders are very friendly and that the venue is worth a visit if you are looking for quality entertainment and local live music. He also states that the drinks are not expensive and that the bathrooms are gender neutral.