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Situated in Durham, North Carolina Motorco Music Hall offers a wide variety of shows and events. It’s within walking distance to Durham Downtown, and it’s one of the largest music venues in Durham with 500-people capacity. The Motorco Music Hall has a Showroom, a Garage Bar, and a Parts & Labor restaurant with an outdoor patio. Ticketed shows - live music, concerts, weddings, films, and parties are usually held in the state of the art Showroom. The Garage Bar and the outdoor patio are open to the public, and they offer an outstanding selection of liquors, cocktails, and wines. And there is a brunch every Saturday and Sunday. 


723 Rigsbee Ave
Durham, NC 27701


Phone number: 919-901-0875
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  • One Durham, North Carolina resident mentioned that there were no surcharges for people under 21 for the show she was attending. The ticket buyer also stated that the quality of the acoustics was astonishing and that she was very impressed by the indoor seating near the stage. Overall, she highly recommends it if you’re wondering what to do on a weekend night.
  • A music fan, who booked a flight to visit Motorco Music Hall, shared that the staff is friendly and professional. He also observed that the food was hot and delicious, the bar delivered his orders fast, and the water was free. There was plenty of standing room available, and he was able to stand right next to the stage. Another thing that the visitor noted is that the bathrooms were also in good condition and that they were labeled “urinals and stalls” and “stalls only.”
  • One live music enthusiast who purchased tickets to a band show said that the sound was decent and that the beer was cheap. He also concluded that the venue was great for small, intimate shows and concerts.
  • Another customer mentioned that she bought tickets online and she was disappointed to discover that there was no parking space available upon her arrival. She warned that you have to prepay for parking on Motorco Music Hall’s website and carry a parking pass. The reviewer also noted that there wasn’t enough indoor seating space and that she had to remain standing.
  • A Durham, North Carolina music fan also shared that there weren’t many seats on the inside, but the large open-air seating area was very impressive and perfect for a hot summer night. He also remarks that the outdoor venue is pet-friendly and that you can bring your dog with you. But he warns that you must get there early to find a stop to park.
  • Yet another fan said that Motorco Music Hall offers a decent variety of shows and that the restaurant has an amazing selection of dishes at an affordable price, including a vegetarian menu. He also observes that the venue has a welcoming vibe and that it’s suitable both for people looking for entertainment and those who want some me time.
  • A visitor who was on his way to his hotel stopped at Motorco Music Hall for a bite and was very surprised by the delicious food, the cozy atmosphere, and the nice staff. He also concludes that the venue is very conveniently located in Durham’s Central Part district and you can find a lot of interesting places around.
  • Another customer mentions that Motorco Music Hall is her favorite place for spending time with her friends and that you can hardly find another venue which offers such good music at a such a reasonable price. However, she does note that sometimes it gets too hot on the inside.