The Hanesbrands Theatre

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The Hanesbrands Theatre is located close to the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in Winston-Salem's downtown district. It was built in 2010 with high-end audio, lighting and projection technology to function as an event space for films, dance, theater, and music as well as providing private reception areas for business and personal events.

Venue Information


209 Spruce St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


​Phone: (336) 747-1414
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What Are Hanesbrands Theatre Customers Saying?

  • One movie ticket buyer went to the Hanesbrands theater to experience an IMAX movie- he complimented the high-quality leather seating that featured power recliners.
  • Another concertgoer said that the theater routinely puts on good performances, and regarding the building itself he says that it features quality design, clear lighting, functional seating and ample parking across the street.
  • One theatergoer complained that they serve popcorn- a distraction during more artistic performances.
  • Yet another concert ticket buyer said that it is a small, intimate space that provides an excellent performance venue for theater productions.
  • Local area residents in Winston-Salem say that they look forward to the November and December winter months when a Christmas Carol is performed. 
  • A ballet dance fan bought tickets at this venue saying that it provided a comfortable and intimate environment for the whole family to enjoy a dance performance.