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To fully grasp and comprehend the Winston-Salem narrative, it can be easier to compare it to a vintage American novel, with each page full of history with many different sections filled with intrigue, excitement as well as a splendid cast of characters.

The city goes back to 1753, when the very first Moravians in North Carolina chose 100,000 acres named the Wachovia Tract. These German language Protestants founded the very first colonial town in the Carolina Piedmont in a region recognized today as Historic Bethabara Park. In 1766, the Moravians founded Salem, that means "peace", a congregational community and trading center created to accommodate working Moravian craftsmen. Their vision of developing a self sustaining society made Salem a haven for business owners. In a short time, the city integrated a pottery, tannery, brickyard, flour mill, bakery, slaughterhouse, brewery, iron works and cloth and furniture makers.

20th century companies, such as Hanes and R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, additionally formed Winston-Salem by driving extraordinary prosperity to the city and bestowing it with a business-friendly reputation. Their surge to prosperity only furthered the character of entrepreneurship which has distinguished the city since its very first days, and which continues to be in evidence these days as the city’s market shifts from production to medicine, finance, and technological innovation.

Winston-Salem has grown to become a place recognized for its diversity of business and community. With a powerful and undeniable dedication to the arts, excellence in healthcare research and technology, and opportunities for specialised and superior education. Winston-Salem genuinely is the City of Arts and Innovation.

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The Old Salem Museum and Gardens

If you are considering visiting Winston Salem, we've compiled a list of some interesting things to do there. One of the top destinations is the Old Salem Museum and Gardens. This historic landmark site is marketed as a comprehensive history attraction. It features a pair of museums called the Museum of Early Southern decorative arts and the historic town of Salem that are supplemented with heirloom gardens to provide an immersive Southern historical experience.

One out of town guest purchased tickets to get a guided tour of old Salem with her family. She says that the people were friendly and the history captivating. Another reviewer was fascinated by this Moravian community, enjoying touring mid 18th-century relics that include houses, workshops, buildings, and churches. For adults, tickets are $27, at the time of this writing, which entitles you to an all-day pass. You can also get guided tours, though the reviewers say that the character actors stationed by nearly every building are enough to get a sense of what's going on. Another vacationing tourist from Minnesota says that the scenic history effectively imparts the story of Salem's Moravian congregation- emphasizing their lives, traditions, and religion back in the 19 century. A Salt Lake city tourist tells us that they didn't pay for the guided tour- instead they enjoyed free access to those designated homes and the character actors that provided colorful context for the experience.

The Reynolda House Museum of American Art

Another top tourist destination is the Reynolda House Museum of American Art. It's described as the keystone of the Reynolda historic district- you'll find a restored mansion of R.J. and Catherine Reynolds. This historic home features American art masterpieces and the village itself is resplendent with Woodland Trail walks, gardens and greenhouses.

Visitors say that the home is huge, will take a couple hours to explore, especially when you include all of the outdoor greenhouse and garden properties. A North Carolina resident tells us that they visited specifically to check out the Georgia O'Keeffe art exhibition. They specifically recommend checking out the attic where there are some ancillary curios that some people on the tour sometimes neglect to inspect.

At the time of this writing, in 2017, it will cost $24 per person to enter the mansion- though obviously, it will be extra if you choose to eat on premises. A University of North Carolina graduate recommends it as a combination refurbished estate home and art museum- essentially a pair of conjoined cultural attractions.

God's Acre

Another top tourist destination is God's Acre- this landmarked cemetery is described as a beautiful and peaceful place in Old Salem that's fit for a quiet, contemplative stroll.

Visitors say that it is a well-kept and clean old graveyard recommended as the best one on the East Coast- and ideal for an ambling, interesting walk if you're in this area of Winston-Salem. Some of the gravestones go all the way back to the 1760s and visitors recommend that if you're already at the old Salem restored Moravian settlement, you'll want to take this side drawer as well.

Other Attractions

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