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The Millenium Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was initially built in 1906 to be utilized as the City of Winston Post Office. In 1914 the town of Winston and Salem joined up with each other to become Winston-Salem. The structure was extended and grew to be the US Federal Building for the area. It housed the United States Post Office, US Federal Court, US Attorney, FBI, US Marshal, Military enlistment offices and the IRS. In 1937 it was extended again to allow for the growing City. It operated in this manner until 1992 when it was deserted and all functions transferred to the outskirts of Downtown.

It was bought in 1994 by Gregory Carlyle the creator of The Millennium Group Inc. He has used the past two decades to rebuild it to its original splendor and transformed it into a special event center. Diving in a bit more deeply, the current business owner writes that this full-service venue, situated in the center of downtown Winston-Salem is equipped with a full bar as well as visual and audio services.

It has 3 levels which include the Millennium Ballroom and Grand Lobby, The Garden Room and Speakeasy on the lower level and the Grand Jury room, Historic Courtroom, and FBI Offices on the upper level. The Millennium Ballroom formerly functioned as a mail sorting room for the Post Office with enormous mail contraptions and rolling carts, but now is a peaceful space with gorgeous chandeliers, huge window casements and maple hardwood flooring. Spectacular wedding ceremonies, stylish social galas, and business activities are held here often.

On the 2nd floor, the Grand Jury room and FBI offices have transitioned to spaces for parties, art exhibits, conferences, and other festivities. The Historic Courtroom is frequently employed for classy meals, marriage ceremonies, and romantic gatherings. The lower level is employed for get-togethers and holiday events. The Millennium Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is located in the downtown Arts District and is a music venue and an event space. 

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101 W 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


Phone: (336) 723-3700
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What Are Millenium Visitors Saying?

  • One Local Winston, Salem resident tells us they visited it to attend a wedding reception. She tells us that it is spacious- roomy enough for a large number of guests and family with an extra large capacity ballroom capable of handling multiple food stations. You can find some hotels across the street if you're coming from out of town.
  • Another Winston Salem resident tells us that he attended a holiday party here and commended how spacious it was. An old-timer observed that it used to be a post office, but now it is a concert venue.
  • A rock 'n' roll fan got tickets to a tribute band called Satisfaction- and the venue got decked out for the event, making it an enjoyable time. Indeed, many reviewers attended winnings at the Millennium Center, saying that it was a classy, beautiful and well-managed experience.
  • Examining their concert history, they have featured performances from St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Shovels and Rope, Perpetual Groove, Empire Strikes Brass, Heavy Rebel Weekender, the Clouds, Camel City Cookout, American Speedway, Dreamkiller, Memphis Morticians, Montrose, Corey Smith, Old Crow medicine Show, Bright Eyes, and the Decemberists.